Sunday, August 04, 2002

I started the day bright and early with a chat with Greg, a very long chat in fact. I watched Alien. AIM'd with a Folkestone bod (and occasional reader) called Tone, hi there Tone!!

I went shopping for Tony's birthday present, which is a Dido CD. Managed to scare a couple of blokes who I was walking behind. They started talking about my height quietly, so when they turned round just to confirm I am really tall, I looked at their arses, smiled and gave them the best come-on look of my life. Not that I would of touched them with a barge pole. But good God did their pace pick up and they certainly stopped talking about my height!!

Aaaaahhhh Beth just arrived home.... stressorama!!

Scooby cat caught a frog today leading to a disruption in watching an interview (on the Heaven and Earth Show) with Sharon Gless (despite not watching QAF US, as the UK version is better, I still think she rawks!!). I of course rescued the frog, my favorite kind of animal, haven't seen one in so long. Scooby looked far too pleased with himself, he hunts way too often. Millie and Angel are quite content to laze around all day. Scooby wants something more....

Now using my post below I want you to tell me your pagan name and which Six Feet Under character you are... go on just do it!!

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