Monday, August 12, 2002

I did a mammoth 10 hour shift today. It wasn't as bad as I thought so I have opted to do overtime next week as well. A little extra mullah goes a long way.

Ben leaves on the 16th September. It was rather sobering to think about. I like Ben as a friend. He may be incredibly normal, living a life that is blessed, but still that doesn't make him a bad person does it? :o) When he said that he asked me how long I would be staying I told him I was going permanent until my debts were cleared. He looked at me with a touch of sadness and said "If you ever feel like moving to London, call me. I can get you a job, okay?" Ben you see may only be a couple of months older than me but he is incredibly well connected (he put Becky in contact with some friends of his boyfriend who are Guardian reporters to help with her Media course!) and it was nice of him to seriously offer. Then to lighten the mood "Yeah I think you'd fetch about £2.50 on the street" *sly smile* "Maybe a fiver if the client was desperate..." Grrr.... :o)

Sometimes I wish I could be like that. Normal height. Normal life. A nice boyfriend. I know I would never be happy that way, I just hate peace, but it is a nice comforting thought that maybe in my next life that might happen. But hey I should be proud to be freakishly tall and have a rather interesting life (see Pete's blog review for a brilliant description of what I have been up to!!).

Anyway I need to go watch Six Feet Under. Please read True Porn Clerk Stories.... it is my fav blog of the moment.

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