Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hitting The Wall

Yesterday Jim woke me up fiendishly early and we headed down to see the family in Kent. We went past the Climate Camp on the way (it is only up the hill from our home admittedly). What they hope to achieve I don't know. When will they learn that they need to persuade the public, not large corporations, about their aims? Don't protest outside Barclays, protest outside a football stadium and ask why those folks keep voting in numpties election after election (if that is what you believe) and try and convince them otherwise.

It was lovely to be out of the city, where there's more grass than tarmac, more trees than lampposts and as many cows as there are people. Jim did his usual duties of fixing everyone's broken computers whilst I amused myself by spoiling Angel cat with ham, making a fuss of Noodle's the dog, feeding the fish and having the latest addition to the menagerie (a Jack Russell puppy called Bella) sleep in my arms.

Home today, via Sainsbury's, Makro and Charlton Reptiles. In the queue at Makro, there was a little upset behind us as some yappy little lady decided to have a go at the guy directly behind us who she felt had pushed in (he was off to the side resting his shopping on a display as it was heavy). I couldn't stand her high pitched, whiny voice so turned around and agreed he had been behind us and was in the correct position in the queue. She did not like this one bit, and continued to moan ("I hate it when people do this" - What prove you were wrong???) but at least stopped abusing the poor man who seemed pleased I'd backed him up, but given he was on his own against her and her husband I felt it was my duty to help him out. I felt quite proud of myself for finally having the balls to stand up for what is right against the self obsessed, ignorant bastards who seem to cause trouble every where you go.

Diet wise... it's 5 weeks today! But I feel like I've hit a wall these last two days. It could be because my brother George decided to sit next to me yesterday eating a Cadbury's Dairy Milk. This would have been alright if he hadn't kept holding it under my nose and then making loud "mmmm"-ing noises as he ate it and stared pointedly at me. Little git. Anyway, I've kept strong but think after 5 weeks it might be time to "treat" myself. Something small, and a one off. We'll see if that helps stem my desperate need for something junk food like.

Finally finished Fast Food Nation: What the All-American Meal is Doing to the World - Eric Schlosser, an excellent breakdown of what bad business practice in corporations is doing to capitalism and allsorts of different ways of life.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

How Goes The Paleo Diet?

So yesterday marked four weeks since Jim and I embarked on a new lifestyle. What started off as the Evolution Diet, has slowly "evolved" into a, at the moment, light version of the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet is not without it's critics, and I'm not going to pretend I'm totally comfortable with some of the Paleo Diet proponents. As a sceptic, I am somewhat cynical when I see claims about what things can do and it's no exception with Paleo. But nevertheless I have to say... it's working!

I really felt the change today; I was pretty chirpy when I woke up, and found walking at my normal speed (i.e. bloody fast) much easier. I hadn't realised how bad I'd gotten but now I'm feeling a little better I realise how exhausted I was getting previously after only a little bit of my own particular version of speed walking.

I feel less uncomfortable in my clothes, I can now clearly see with my own eyes that I'm losing weight. My skin is smooth and clear, I seem more able to concentrate on things.

There are other worrying side effects... people at work complimenting me on how "young, handsome and refreshed" I look (I know, after a month and I'm getting that!). And I think I may well be in heat. 'Nuff said on that one. LOL

Do I crave those staples of my previous diet (Diet Coke, Chocolate, Bread, Bread, Bread, RICE, Oh God Rice....)? Not really. I miss them, but I don't feel like I did the first couple of days as I went through Diet Coke withdrawal and would have killed for a bottle. The great thing about the Paleo diet is how it isn't restrictive. Sure there's lots of proscribed foods, but there's also a lot of opportunity for some delicious meals. Plus they are fresh (best to cook for yourself, or have a Jim, on the Paleo diet).

To be perfectly honest, based on how easy and successful it has been so far, I'm going to have to say there is something in this Paleo Diet! I won't claim it'll cure cancer, or make you into superman, but I will say it works for me.

Now of course, the hard bit is still ahead and I need to start being more active. But I'm heading in the right direction.

P.S. No, this isn't going to become a Diet Blog! ;)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 8th Blogaversary

Yes, it was 8 years ago today when I first opened a copy of the Guardian and discovered something called "blogging". No less than 5 minutes later I was sitting in the dining room on the computer starting up this very blog under the name "Aah!! It's Uni Time".

I'd like to thank you, Dear Constant Reader, for taking the time to read my insane ramblings and hope they've sometimes made you smile.

8 years ago...

Jae was on his summer holidays before starting at Brighton University.
Jae was living in Cheriton, part of Folkestone, Kent with his family.
Jae was single-ish. My strange relationship with Stephen was still sort of happening.
Jae had visited only France, Italy and Spain.
Jae was a Wiccan.
Jae was a self-loathing and melancholy bastard and it's a tribute to my friends that they stuck by me despite some of my comments about them on this very blog.
Jae was just 18 years old. *sob*
Jae had a crush on a certain person... MT. Well some things don't change!

If you are lurking here, why not drop me a comment... I know there are some long term lurkers who need to say hi! Forgive me, I don't panhandle for comments usually though do I? ;)

Of course any retrospective of this blog would not be complete without a Charles Dera pic. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Art Makes Me Laugh

So, having promised my Facebook friends that I would do this for days, Jim and I finally took a trip up the Thames to the Tate Modern.

We caught a Thames Clipper from Greenwich Pier. Last time I got a boat up the Thames, it was a slow tourist cruise with commentary and peeling chairs. The Thames Clipper services was quite a revelation. Comfortable, fast and staffed by a very good looking crew.

We got off at Bankside Pier and headed into the Tate Modern. I've been a few times, but this was Jim's first experience. Again the giggles overtook me at times, as they did at the National Potrait Gallery the other month, and I had to laugh at some of Jim's expressions as he was introduced to some of the tat they have at the Tate Modern.

We quickly left there (after stalking a gorgeous blonde guy... yum), and wandered over the not-so-wobbly-which-is-sad Millennium Bridge, around St Paul's, past the Scientology HQ (very nice inside... the taking money for telling lies business must be pretty good) and back to Bankside Pier.

We headed up on another Clipper to the O2 (this clipper was staffed by two of the hottest men ever), not once in 5 years and then twice in one week, for dinner at the Rodizio Rico. Don't say we aren't obsessive! Then home again on a final clipper, which is now the only way to travel.

I've put some pictures of the day up on my Flickr, don't get too excited, they aren't that good. ;)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing To Report

I haven't actually left the house today. It's been that sort of day. Tomorrow Jim and I currently plan to take a ferry to the Tate Modern. I love boats! :D

You can find plenty more of JR Tirona at World Asian Beauty

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Procrastinating Can Be Fun

Despite my best efforts to be extremely lazy, last night Jim took me out to the Rodizio Rico restaurant at the O2 (my review here). I have to admit, I've never been to the O2 before. I know, I've lived in Greenwich for 5 years. I'm a bad person.

It's pretty nice in there, plenty of choice of restaurants, although I can imagine it's hell on a gig night. Saw (out of the corner of my eye, I didn't make a pilgrimage after all!) the Michael Jackson shrine which was surrounded by insane people. Strangely enough.

All in all, a nice evening with Jim.

Today Jim has briefly popped to work, and having put off getting my haircut for nearly three weeks, I roused myself from my procrastinating in front of Twitter and headed down the barbers. Thankfully, it being a working day, I was the only customer and so the hellish experience (for me anyway) of being in a barber's chair was mercifully short. An example of how bad my hair had gotten: my barber was able to brush some hair growing from the side of my head and it went over to the other side. Ouch. Anyway, I've got it marine-cut short again and having looked in the mirror I am most pleased. With a thinner face and a hair cut I'm returning to how I looked 5 years ago. It's spurned me on to continue with my diet.

Took a walk to Lewisham to get some curry leaves for Jim's dinner tonight (when I say Jim's dinner I mean he's the one cooking, so I think it only fair I do some of the hard work) and stocked up on fruits and nuts. Some guys in the queue next to me thought that because I had my iPod in I couldn't hear them making fun of my height. Sadly they hadn't reckoned that the height they were making fun of was me at a slouch and so I raised myself to my full height and gave them a very pointed stare. I was so suitably satisfied with their embarrassed looks and total silence from that point on, that I didn't think I needed to press the point. I'm tall, not deaf. When will people learn. I also, at my current weight, can cause serious damage if I decide to sit on you. Really folks, why can't they be a little more discrete? I'm just thinking of their own well being.

Returned home feeling a lot better with my hair cut and with some fruits to snack on, and returned to procrastinating.

Time off work can be very difficult.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fully Clothed Edition

Jim is back from another week in America (and another week coming up soon :( ) so all is well in Jae and Jim Central Command. Before Jim fell into a deep sleep we popped down to Tesco's to stock up on food. We probably had the most virtuous shopping trolley full of food ever encountered by modern man.

Yes folks it's Day 23 of the diet. I feel like I've lost some weight, but Jim's rather enthusiastic compliments upon his arrival maybe mean I've lost a little more than I think I have. But whichever is the case, there's still a long way to go. I've come this far, I don't think it's much of a hardship to continue down this route now... my new lifestyle is evolving into a full-on Paleo "Diet" existence with only minor exceptions. And really it makes sense... we don't feed rubbish to Gibbs, it would be bad husbandry, so why do we insist on feeding ourselves processed, fake food? Watch this video for more.

So I thought... we need some eye candy around here. But I couldn't decide on a twink or a stud. So I went with both, but just to really mix things up... their both fully clothed! Yum...

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pecularlatities And Fly Traps

OK... I have this thing. I tend to pull down the blinds in the kitchen when I'm in there. It drives Jim absolutely crazy as I tend to forget to put them up again. Well this came back to bite me in the bum the other day when, whilst I was at work, the blinds had blown inwards and pushed Nuf the Venus Fly Trap off the windowsill and into a half full sink.

When I got home she was covered in quinoa, and looked very poorly. I repotted her, gave her a quick wash with deionised water and put her back on the windowsill. Thankfully, today I found her looking a lot better and seemingly thriving again with even more traps on their way.

Fingers crossed that keeps up!!

Poor Gibbs the Bearded Dragon was shedding his skin today and being driven slightly potty by it. He ran around his vivarium, rubbing his back on every object he could find. Finally it came off and he celebrated by requesting to be let out and perching on his little stand by the window so he could watch the world go by. He is an absolutely diamond pet. I recommend everyone gets a Gibbs!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Your Thai Majesty

Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit is 77 years old today, and anyone who's ever been to Thailand will know this is a "big deal". Royal birthdays and funerals are treated with far more respect than they are over here. Last time I went to Thailand the King's sister, the Princess of Narathiwat, had passed away 4 months previously. They still had shrines up for her. That's how much respect they give their royalty. So in keeping with this I thought I'd post the Royal Anthem, mostly known from trips to the Siam Paragon cinema where one has to stand when the anthem is played. Plus you get to give a really mean look at silly newbie tourists who don't know the drill and sit through it (and promptly get harassed by the previously wonderful cinema attendants). "In your face you silly farang" you think proudly as you try to get the duvet untangled from your feet whilst trying not to be disrespectful. Yes... they have duvets in the Siam Paragon cinema Deluxe screen. It's quite nice. :p

The only problem I have with this video is that in the cinema version I saw the first time I went to Thailand (if not the second) it had the Gods bowing down to His Majesty the King. That was fun. ;)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Journal

Long Version:

Dear Journal,

It has been 8 years, 2 months and 30 days since I last wrote to you. I was reading the last year of our correspondence (I can't seem to find your replies for some reason ;) ) and I have to say, it was eye opening. Also pretty disturbing. So I thought I'd just write you an apology.

1) my insane blabberings about the Gods, politics, and humanity were pretty messed up. I'd like to say sorry for polluting good paper with my violent, dark tone and terrible penmanship.

2) ignore all those secrets I told you. They never happened. Well they did, but you know what I mean.

3) let's ignore the multiple personality syndrome I displayed in some entries. I've killed off Jason and Jay and there is now just Jae. *does best Jack from Will and Grace impression*. Oh God, I'm doing that whole multiple personality thing again... moving quickly on...

4) I must say a very big sorry to heterosexuals in general, especially male ones. I was extremely heterophobic in my youth. At least in my journal I was. Eek.

5) I apologise for involving you in my suicidal rants and plans to run away.

6) Most of all, I apologise for the "poems". They were, and still remain, perhaps the worst pieces of writing ever written. Anywhere.

I'm pretty amazed you put up with it all that time. Thanks for being there, even if I think that now, in retrospect, it probably wasn't you who I needed. No, it was the men in white coats. I really needed them back then!

Anyhew, as I used to say, you wouldn't mind if I burnt the journals I've got left would you? I was thinking of adding them to In No Particular Order but I think, having read them, I've realised that they are too disturbing, too embarrassing and perhaps too incriminating for anyone to read. Ever.

So, Dear Journal, I think it's time we said a proper goodbye. I've got a new you and their name is Dear Constant Reader. You were a patient listener, a good and loyal friend. But you're such a downer. So farewell bad old times. Hello good new times with Jim and Gibbs and other good things.

TL;DR version: Never read your old journals
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Getting Back To Basics

Many moons ago, in a town not so far away, this blog used to do lists. Top Ten's of all sorts of things important to me. Well... as it's my 8th blogaversary month it's time to update them don't you think?

My first "Silly List" was movies and went a little bit like this:

My Favorite Movie's
1. The Living End
2. Dogma
3. American Perfekt
4. The Brady Bunch Movie
5. Jurassic Park
6. Alien
7. Masters Of The Universe
8. The Talented Mr. Ripley
9. The Matrix
10. Coyote Ugly

Other films that didn’t quite make it:- Jeffrey, A Beautiful Thing, Trick, Jaws, Predator (and any other Arnie movie ever), and The Doom Generation.

Quite a mixed bag indeed... so what does it look like now...

1. The Living End
2. Dogma
3. The Love Of Siam
4. Beautiful Thing
5. Let The Right One In
6. Jurassic Park
7. Alien
8. Masters Of The Universe
9. The Talented Mr. Ripley
10. Grizzly Man

Honourable Mentions: Transformers, Iron Ladies, Sommersturm, The Brady Bunch Movie, Jeffrey, Trick, Jaws, American Perfekt, Predator (and any other Arnie movie ever), and The Doom Generation.

The main change is the entrance into my life of the foreign language movie. Once I was blind to anything outside of Hollywood, but now I see that there are a great many awesome movies made that are not in the English language. Of course that doesn't mean such Jason Classic's as The Living End or Jurassic Park were going to ever leave the Top Ten and it was pretty difficult to fit any other movies in there. One things for sure, I've seen a load of amazing movies in the last few years since this little piece of the internet was claimed by me.

Tommorrow... music... eek!

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

If I Had A Little Money...

It's something we must all contemplate sometimes. What if we were mega rich? So rich that the only work you'd need do is that which interested you. What would you do? What would I do?

I'd like a nice house in the country (Kent, of course!) with a large garden and a few spare rooms. Nothing too big, I've lived in mansions and the only way a mansion is pleasant to live in is if there are huge amounts of people there all the time. When it was just my parents and I (before the siblings came along) it felt very strange living in these 8 or 9 bedroom homes. No thanks. 4 or 5 bedrooms at most.

I'd have a couple of ponds, one wild one and one for koi carp. There'd be dogs, at least one of which has to be a German Shepherd. There'd be cats, at least one of which would be a Maine Coon.

I think I'd love to open a little wildlife sanctuary or rescue centre to help keep me out of trouble.

There would be lots of travel with Jim, see the world and stretch our legs in First Class. There would lots of time for the family as they'd get whatever they wanted.

I don't think that's too much to ask for. :p

Oh wait... plus some staff, of course... starting with a gardener...

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Workity Workity Work

I hate working! I loath the entire experience. First you have to wake up at a set time, get washed and dressed at an ungodly hour, traipse down to the train station and begin what will become an entire day surrounded by (in your eyes) idiots and cretins. After an hour long commute into work, sometimes interrupted by interesting delays just to keep things interesting, you arrive at your desk and have 15 minutes or so to relax before the work day begins. You spend the entire day wishing away your life, only to find at the end that your reward is another hour long (and usually even less fun) journey home where you will sit down and sit their counting down the minutes (t-minus 12 hours and counting) until you have to do it all over again.

I have to find a way to break out of this lifestyle. Work for myself. Rob a bank. Something. Anything. We live on this planet for a finite amount of years and I think it's scandalous that our ancestors have got us to the point where the vast majority of us live this miserable 9-5 existence for most of it.

Sadly right now I've got no clever plan, and really when do I get a chance to contemplate a new direction when it's work work work?

Moan moan moan... all I ever do... here's a man called Gregory Keith (as recommended by Steve) to lighten the mood.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Unborn And Other Such Good Stuff

Yesterday Jim and I watched "The Unborn". the critical reviews are pretty awful for this movie, but I have to say... I quite enjoyed it. The plot was a bit fluffy, and the acting more so, but for a late night scary movie it wasn't that bad. Made Jim jump anyway!

I've discovered the plus side to this diet (not that there have actually been any real downsides, it's a liberal diet!); fruit smooties. They are absolutely delicious. Weird combo of strawberries, apples, banana, plus a little natural yoghurt was actually the best one. Double yum.

Not looking forward to work. There's no doubt about it: I'm not a 9-5 person. And before anyone suggests any other helpful suggestions about jobs I'd like that aren't 9-5, I think I'm just not a work person. I find it pointless. Ultimately I think the only way of making money that I would enjoy, that isn't totally silly and lazy, would be working for myself. But the questions are: 1) do I have the skills to work for myself? I'm a tough/rubbish boss after all and 2) what would I do? Last I checked there's not a huge niche for a reality telly loving, zoology obsessed, Fortean nutcase out there. If I could just persuade everyone in the country to give me 10p I think I'd be ok.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Hate Confrontation

Today Jim and I headed over to Makro for some shopping, and on the way ran into a little spot of bother.

We were driving down past the Post Office depot, and were just pulling up to the junction there, when three chavvy looking kids reach the island in the middle of the road on their BMXs. They didn't really see Jim until we were nearly on top of them and pulled to a quick stop at the kerbside. As we pulled up alongside them one of them, who I guess was 18, mouthed off at Jim with some... choice phrases...

Jim took exception to this and suggested the boy say that again, which he did. The three kids rode off, but then (once he thought he was at a safe distance) the mouthy one got off his bike and started up again. Jim suggest he come say this to his face, and the boy agreed.

Jim got out of the car and they were facing off against each other, whilst the boys rather gormless male and female companions (who looked about 14) stared on, when I got out of the car (don't say I'm reluctant to pull my weight in a confrontation).

I unfolded myself from the car, in a Jae stylee, and took great amusement in seeing the gormless mate's faces turn from concern to downright horror.

I don't know if it was connected but very shortly after the boy facing off against Jim saw me looming on the other side of the car he made a quick retreat to a safe distance by his bike and whilst continuing to mouth off he lead his mates away, maintaining some of his street cred but not that much. Bless him. As we rounded a nearby roundabout I saw him starting a fight with another poor car driver. Must be his time of the month.

Fight ended with no violence and foul mouthed youth duly put in his place by Jim.

So no major issue, and no cars delayed behind us as it was over fairly quick, but still I'm absolutely rubbish in situations like that. Adrenaline leaves me feeling sick, shaking and unhappy even thinking about situations like that so you can imagine I was none too happy after all that palarva. I run from confrontation, which I think is part of the reason I hate most people. I see them doing/saying stupid things and never pull them up on it. Jim at least has the strength of his conviction to think that you can't just swear at someone in public for no reason and get away with it. He stood up to this young bully and, in a small way, won. Maybe we all should stand up to those who make our lives hell through their aggressive and unnecessary behaviour.

Thankfully the guy never got to realise I'd be useless in a fight. In fact I've never really been in a fight at all, thanks mainly to the fact no one has yet been silly enough to push it to the limit.

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