Thursday, August 30, 2001

Dear Blog

Its official;I loath my brother and sister. Not only are they the spawn of Satan (my stepdad Tony), but they never ever listen to a word I say.
Still no word on Bob. Millie, our oldest cat, has moved into his hutch (bizarre but true)
Am supposed to be going out tommorrow, don't know if I want to.
Pet peeves: Radio Kent listeners and the Australian Government.
ICQ: 123578373

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Dear Blog

Matt came round on Monday evening and we watched Masters of the Universe (Dolph I LOVE YOU). There is something odd about that boy (and I'm not talking about his shoulder length hair). He acts oddly around me i.e. sitting uncomfortably close or being a bit too touchy feely. Is this Matts ignorance of social etiquette or something deeper? Am I being a little too selfconscious?
Mums getting on at me to contact the uni about my accomadation. She fusses far too much. One of the major reasons I want to get away from here (Folkestone Kent).
My cats two kittens are staying!!!!!! This will mean that there shall be four cats prowling around this house from now on. No word on Bob the (evil) rabbit who disappeared on Sunday.
Got caught by Jevohah Witnesses today but thankfully they only wanted to know if I had got into uni (oh how considerate)
Pet peeves: AOL adverts with "Connie". Robbie Williams in the closet (he is on holiday with his "flatmate"). ICQ: 123578373

Monday, August 27, 2001

I've been visiting my nan most of the day up in Snodland. On the way they I tried to spot anyone on the M20 who was smiling. It is afterall a bank holiday. Not one, not even a fake smile just glum faces for the entire 45 mile stretch.
Must say Lee and H in Steps new video look particularly hot (Lee as a doctor-scrummy)

Sunday, August 26, 2001

if you want to contact me my email is: and my icq number is 123578373
So its Sunday!!!!! News: Big Brother SA started today (which is good) Apologies: I take back what I said yesterday about my friends they are really a nice bunch of people (what a guilt trip I have been on today) Dislikes: Drivers (selfish) Compensation culture Not very British is it.Whoops I'm so stupid/drunk I fell over in the street. Lets sue the council and nick all that money my friends and neighbours paid in taxes. Wheres their stiff upper lip huh? I hate fuss and simply can't understand this whole desire to sue anyone for anything.
Anyhow I have been too cruel to my mates and I wholeheartedly apologise to them.
Between having fights with the computer I've been making a fuss of my babies (my cats + two kittens) who are just too adorable.

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Today is the 2nd anniversary of me losing my virginity. I lost it to some bloke called Mark(29) on my parents bed; the night before I got my GCSE results. It was so arkward but the best sex I've ever had. The best part of it (strangely) was the buildup, the secret meeting, the car journey to my house etc. It was just so exciting.
I don't know why but sometimes I wish I was still in the closet; those days were exciting and slightly adventurous. Now days the closest thing to excitement is getting slightly drunk at karoke every Friday. I never have any of those old anonymous (and orgasmic) sexual encounters that I once had when I lived about five different lives. Maybe my time in Brighton will remedy this.
Got quite drunk last night and realised that my Folkestone crew are not my kind of people. I think its time to move on once I'm at uni and do one of mine (now famous) personality/life changes where I become a completely different person. (last done 26th Feb 1998)
I feel like its time for a little chaotic living (sex,drugs,alcohol).
One other thing: I must remember to discreetly lose contact with my family (yawn worthy right wingers).

Friday, August 24, 2001

Okay I've just taken my five year old brother to the barbers. The most amazing thing happened. Not one person stopped me in the street to 1) mention the fact that I'm 6'8" 2) to convert me to some crazy religion (anyone out there know what the "Life Church" is?) 3) sell me car insurance (I don't drive) or 4) argue with me because I buy the "pinko" papers. That is the first time this year this has happened.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Its the 23rd of August and I'm entering stress mode (a mode I often find myself in). What do I need for uni? Am I going to finish the course? And (most importantly) will I have enough money to satisfy my coca cola addiction?

In other news I got stopped in the street and told how lucky I was as I was about to recieve the "Good News". I hoped that I had won something (preferably lots of money or a holiday to Fire Island).

No such luck.

I seem to attract religious nuts,crazy people and old ladies(usually all at once). Is this a gift or a curse? Its like everytime I breath I send out a signal that attracts oddballs. Anyway enough about oddballs, after I've got the rest of my life to talk about my mates!!!!