Saturday, August 17, 2002

Men. Aren't they great?

I mean the God's thought to the themselves "How can we cheer up those who are depressed?"

And they came up with men. I mean, what better way to be cheered up than by all the men in town simitaneously deciding to partially undress. Groovy baby, yeah!! Men are so sexy. I think this is why I like to be around gay men and straight women. Because I simply don't understand how someone cannot find men attractive.

It is not that I think being straight is a bad thing. I am not suggesting that. I am just saying how I do not understand it. That is not a judgement against hetrosexuality. I am sure many hetrosexual males can't understand how I don't find women attractive.... not even a little.

Diversity is after all the spice of life. That is why I don't understand why so much of reality is hushed up. At school you learn little about reality. It is all about people and things that are far removed from you. Or from me at least. The only time I felt any connection with anything I heard at school was when Mr. Swan, our brillliant English teacher, said "Now look boys poetry is something you are going to want to learn. How else will you learn to write love poems to your girlfriends, or boyfriends, as some of you will have them too."

That one sentence in the whole of my school career. No wonder I hated the place. How did I end up talking about Mr. Swan?

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