Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Samhein to you Constant Reader

Okay I have a question for all my non-British readers. What is the significance of November the 5th?

Work was dull, but was not a problem.

Sam has left university. Sam good luck in what ever you do. Wanna go out for a drink soon? My diary is filled till Sunday. Wanna go then?

Feeling incredibly gay today. Oh have I told you... I have a boyfriend. ;o) Oh sorry yes I have. Just like to say that. Oh look..... over 10000 visits!! Thank you guys (please note.... random SKUBA searcher has returned!).

I need a subject to write about so have you any questions, or subjects for me? Ask me anything. I will always answer! Go on... even do it just to make me smile. And if you don't have a question..... just say hello!!

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