Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Drollsomeness and Other Stuff

Being bored and having Zoe tired up in family stuff (her Mum's birthday) I decided to go for a quick trip to the shops. As I neared the Harvey (my old school) I realised something.... MT might be about....

As I walked past the car park I saw it.... the T mobile (his car...) and my heart started to pound....I moved on quickly. Just when I thught it was safe, who should I pass leaving Safeway's. Yes. You guessed it. My heart went badda badda BOOM. Oh, I may have to invent my own version of *DON'T CLICK IF YOUR ARE A SENSITIVE SOUL*the Bait Bus to get him (that was a joke by the way and not an actual suggestion before you worry!).

Moving on I got to the shops in extra quick time, spotted two blokes dressed as batman and Robin. Was shocked that WHSmith still havent go Gay Times or Attitude in. Did my usual style speedy shop (I don't see the point of loitering) and purchased Ruby Wax's memoirs How Do You Want Me? and Avril Lavigne's CD Let's Go.

as I wandered home I realised something... I am back!! Jason, fun loving smiley chatty boy who I left behind in Brghton is back for a couple of weeks. I realised that while in town I had two conversations, of some length with the check out girl at V Shop and a Big Issue seller.... things I used to do but stopped doing after I returned here to Folkestone. It is sad but as soon as my parents return, I will become grouchy, shyish, stressed and horrible again. But for now am happy, confident, and horny as hell.

"Oh happy day, oh happy day" *does funky dance in Jason style*

Go here. Thanks Emily

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