Monday, October 21, 2002

*sobs* Blogger wouldn't publish yesterday. :o( So read yesterdays posts please, if you would be so kind.

I went out to Spoons and Gees last night with Zoe. I drank quite a bit considering that there was only two of us. It was nice to go to Gees after so long away. When did I last go to Gees? Shall have to check that up but I guess it was quite a while ago.

As is a Sunday tradition I played around with the Jukebox much to the horror/dismay of all the hearing folk within the bar. I played such brilliant classics as "Your Woman" by White Town (is the only song to ever get to number one sung by a gay about loving a man? Oh is my gaydar and my understanding of the song missing the point?), "Take A Bow" by Madonna, and "Come Back To What You Know" by Embrace. Anyway Zoe grew so annoyed she put up some good songs. Then Vikki gave us a quid to play even more songs! Woohoo!!!

Bah! Work! Am so not in the mood. Am in mood for a little bit of loving with Charlie from Busted. Ok so am just plain in the mood for a little bit of loving from any bloke. Am such a big slut somedays.

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