Saturday, October 26, 2002

It's Over. How terrifying was this story? Chechen terrorists... I have lost any remaining sympathy for your cause. Freedom is never worth the blood of innocents.

Went out last night. Zoe and Chris came and picked me up. we then went and got Jody and Russell and made our way to Spoons to meet Rob, Arron (or is it Aaron?) and Elliot. 'Twas a good night all in all. Some cute guys, nothing to call home about however.

I am so tired. Could sleep for weeks. I am also so horny. Poor CDG and FT (another guy I like at work) have to put up with me googling them every time they..... breath.... eat..... exist....

Oh yes have realised that my sexual tastes have done a whole topsy turvy move from submissive to dominant. Ho Hum.

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