Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hmmm.... here we go again.... see this. Scary.

No I didn't watch Tipping the Velvet last night, mainly as the Daily Mail had called it "explicit" and that obviously means "really, really dull stuff". I really wish I had the chance to teach the editors of the Daily Mail the actual meaning of explicit....

Shall do one of my "So you think things are getting better?" tomorrow or later on. Yeah!! My last one got me an email from the writer of the Attitude article I... erm.... "quoted" (plagirised). He said it pleased him, and he was flattered not offended... I mean I gave himfull credit etc....

I love my cats. Scooby is quite literally becoming my stalker. He even sits on the side of the bath when I am having a wash!! He is so cute!! Or scary, however you feel.

Oh I have the day off!! Woohoo!!

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