Thursday, October 10, 2002

*For my newer readers.... this is a kind of very irregular series where I discuss stuff... usually about gay rights....*

So you think things are getting better, do you?

Well yes. Somethings are. So reading through some recent Data Lounge stories, I thought hey let us do a cheerfull edition!!

We are now increasingly visible and recognised as shown by this story. Most people know someone who is gay, bisexual, lesbian or even transgendered. And most people have begun to realise.... we ain't so bad!!

I mean how many people below the age of 30 are homphobic? Many less than even 10 years ago. In fact many young people openly support gay rights. See here

And even our more rabid detractors are beginning to see the light... only beginning.... but it's a start!! See here

The media has always been one of the major obstacles to the cause of human rights.... let us hope that our newspapers take a few tips from this story

Oh and my hair has been cut people, I no longer look like a walking bush.... for a week.... hey Pete how is your "grow your hair really long campaign" going?

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