Thursday, October 24, 2002

Blogger is almost as good as a big pile of poo.... almost

When you read this it will mean Blogger will be publishing my blog finally. Blogging used to be fun. Now it is all stressful. Calm down readers, I shan't be stopping, but once I've moved (hmm.... when is that happening?) I shall begin focussing more on my Xanga site, moving my links, signing it up to the same cliques and blogrings etc.

Once all that is all done, I shall throw in the towel over here on blogger, get off Blogspot Plus (my old non Blogspot Plus blogs post fine I have just discovered!! See here) and not renew my Blogger Pro. Don't worry you will all be invited to visit my other place.

Of course if Blogger starts to improve/or I am too lazy to move my site then I retract all of the above.

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