Thursday, October 24, 2002

Washington Sniper... Caught? Could it finally be over?

Why do human beings feel the need to harm, scare and generally abuse other members of our species? See here. Are we just animals? Because I am sure we can be more than this. My job has made me realise that their are more stupid people in this world than I would have credited. But surely being dumb can't explain war, hatred and terrorism can it? Sometimes I worry about this world. Imagine *starts singing* what we could do if we all worked together. Just imagine where we could be tecnologically, socially, and morally. Although each day my political optimism disapates a little more, I do still dream of a day when humanity finally becomes more than just a biological term.

Yesterday at work I became so stupified at how dumb some customers were (i.e. those who think being rude to call centre agents will get them a good deal. This is not how it works!!) I decided I may start to drop random questions in to see just how dumb they were.This lead to a discussion with Stacey which lead to some marvellously stupid answers.

"Stacey, name me three pre-WWII Prime Ministers?" (Of the United Kingdom may I add) "Um.... Hitler? Nelson Mandela, didn't he wear a patch" "I think you may be thinking of Napoleon, and/or admiral Nelson"

"Name me three countries other than the U.S.A in the Americas." "Errrr.... the Seychelles?"

Stacey did get her own back....... "Name me three Care Bears" I couldn't name one. Despite having once been a keen fan. Oh the shame. My best effort was "erm.... fairy cake?" So can you answer our questions?

This site rocks!!

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