Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I would like to make it clear that I do NOT endorse the shooting of Muslims, or Christians. I was simply suggesting that sometimes it is hard to remember that Muslims are not evil, and that it's the Fundamentalists that are worng.

But also remember I am part of a minority of which many Muslims and Christians would like to see the back of. So I have never really had any liking for either religion. All organised religions have a lot to answer for and until they admit that at times they are wrong, I shall not and will not suggest that Islam, Christianity, and the rest are in any way "good". OK?

Oh I seem to be gathering a group of bisexual girls around me at work.... Emma and Julia at the moment. Hmmm.... its like a little GLBT meeting every lunch time.

Another shooting. I have a piece of advice for the Americans "Gun Control". See what fear guns bring? And Mr. Bush, if you really do "weep" for the victims why not renounce your own guns as a symbol of your empathy?

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