Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I am watching the best Faking It at the mo. Made me "homesick" for Brighton. Almost certain to go down on Friday. Yes, on my own. But you know I don't care I just want to be there... it has been 9 months after all.

Talking of "long time, no see". Stephen phoned out of the blue, haven't spoken to him in over three months! I sent him an email last week to see how he was and he phoned to check up on me. He asked me about my love life... I was like well.... I've slept with a couple of people.... made me all depressed... cheers Stephen!

Chris at uni has hilariously created a bald spot on his head in a hairdressing accident.... poor Chris *raucous laughter*

Hmmm... Zoe is a little down at the mo... she is missing Chris. She came over again tonight, and was really looking forward to going out in Canterbury with John and Elliot tomorrow. But, typically, Elliot invited Ed, knowing full well that Zoe wouldn't go out with him there. I haven't the foggest about group politics.... people have tried to explain, but I don't understand. BUT Elliot YOU know that Zoe wouldn't come with Ed there. It is really unfair on the poor lass. And it annoys me, that I seem to be the only one (other than John, who is certainly not included in this sweeping statement) who is bothering with her. Come on guys (Chris included) give her a call!

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