Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Cover Your Ears Children!

I need a fuck. Sorry kids but I got say it as I feel it. And fuck seems to be the word that best expresses what I need.

I am so tired and stressed, and I get home from a 10 hours shift at work to deal with four human beings who I dislike (although in three of the cases also love as they are family, but that is the only reason). And its been months/seemingly years since I have had any physical contact with another bloke.... and mentally that is taking its toll. I need a man/group of men. :p

Oh isn't the Bill getting good. One lesbian. Two gay men and a closet case (aka Ste from A Beautiful Thing.... ps Ste will you marry me?).

Am having a pint... but nobody is here..... is this the first sign of alcoholism?

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