Thursday, October 17, 2002

So You Think Things Are Getting Better, Do You?

Why I do this particular series.....

One day I was in a gay chat room, and I was shocked by how little the other guys there knew, or even cared, what rights they did and didn't have. Then I realised some actually believed that they didn't deserve the same rights as hetrosexuals. I have never gone back to a chat room, and plan never to.

I thought maybe this wasn't the case out here in the real world. But after questioning some gay people I know, Stephen, Ben, a few random bods, I found they hardly knew anything about what goes on for and against us. Ben didn't know the age of consent was now 16. And 90% of the gay men I speak to seem to share the whole self hating thing. If you are gay, and hate being gay, go away. Right now. You are far worse than homophobes. And I don't want you having anything to do with me.

So I started this to remind me what is going on out in the real world. The hate. The injustice. To remind me to be proud of who I am despite these things.

So I have good news.... Baronness Young died last month. Sorry if any one is offended by me suggesting I am happy a dear old lady has passed away. But she was no better than Hitler. And my great grandad did not fight in the war, just to allow the Nazis to rise again as "Conservatives". I feel very sorry for her family.... having to deal with her passing, and the shame of having her as their mother.

And some bad news. Lady O'Cathain, hello and welcome. You homophobic bitch. Hmmm..... think I may have to write another letter to the Queen. I am worried about the quality of peers she is allowing into the House. Can't have all this intolerant riff raff in there now can we!

OK..... who keeps visiting my site through WWW.GOOGLE.COM, searching for SKUBA FOLKESTONE and why oh why do you keep CAPS LOCK on? please leave comment, I just want to know!

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