Wednesday, October 30, 2002

And Jason Has Sex

Hmmm... ok so lets start at the beginning. The train tanoy bloke was deeply sarcastic... when reading out the reasons we were delayed (5!) he made everyone laugh. I got off train.. meet Stephen. We went into Soho, visited the Prowler store. Stephen made a big thing of the porn section. I was like..... have lived in Brighton... am NOT A CHICKEN!!! We went off window shopping (went to Ralph Lauren [tis huge} and Disney store [made a scene as I love Woody way too much]). This foreign gay couple came up to me and Stephen (they saw we were gay and thus had to chat with us) and made me take thei picture... yay! Then got tube/bus to his student digs, he made a pizza, we watched Masters of the Universe, and we had sex. I knew it would happen. It was like this exual energy in the air, and as I was very horny I really couldn't say no.

And may I add twas one of the best shags I have ever had.... mmmm....

So me and Stephen are back together.... (have already been told off by Becky, Ben and Laura sooooo don't bother)

Then made my way home (deeply satisfied) and went straight to Leas Club, saw Ben and Becky got drunk... I do love those two.. they are great... Am going to Ben's leaving do at Paris on Friday...

Oh and Blogger still banned on other account.... bugger

Mmmmm... I want Stephen again.... he feels nice..

Oh went to Comptons...... and saw a fire in Soho.... (mmmmm... firemen.....)

Have you guessed.. am drunk and tired... sober versiopn later...

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