Sunday, October 27, 2002

The Sunday Club

The last few days in a nutshell....

Marie-Anne left work, thus leaving me as the most senior temp in my team.

My Auntie Chris was expelled from Australia when her visa expired and she foolishly asked the authorities what to do about it (she was emigrating there). The Australians arrested her, put her in an internment camp and then sent her back.

My Aunt Jill and my three cousins went on holiday a little while back to the south of France and were thrown out of their holiday camp for being too noisy. It now transpires that they had a film crew with them and their exploits will be on TV in January.

I still don't know when we are moving.

Angel baby is all better after a trip to the vets. Yay!!

Had a Mexican for dinner last night. I thought yay! This is nice all the family round the table eating. Mum had to go ruin it by stressing out... same this morning.... Tony of course, tactfully, called her miserable. I am sure any sane man who had lived with a woman for 10 years would know 1) when its her time of the month 2) when to keep his mouth closed. I can't believe he doesn't know how to handle her.

I went out to the Leas Club last night with John, Chris and Zoe. I simply was way too interested in that bouncer. He is ssssooooo fine a roonie.

Am sssooo not doing overtime next week. Am sssooo tired!!

Things To Remember

Going out on Tuesday with Becky and Ben.
Terrorists ARE NOT going to attack the Leas Club (I've been reading too many newspapers)
Don't spend your money Jason!!!!
Create marvellous Pumpkin like creation for Zoe's Pumpkin Competition thingy.
Get this man to fall in love with you...

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