Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I can't quite describe how I am feeling today. Don't worry I am feeling good! Just can't quite put it into words. But let us try.

I am feeling happy to be me. Not anyone else. But pleased to be Jason Kay, tall, freaky and gay as I am! I am today pleased that I don't quite conform, that I do sometimes think for myself... and I Think Different (*winks at Greg*).....

I am also pleased I can do whatever I want for two whole weeks..... and my cats are pleased about this too. Millie has decided that eating cat food is ssssoooo below her, and that she deserves fish/ham/expensive stuff. Angel is pleased I am at home and has been cuddling up to me. And Scooby seems pleased that as I never tell him off he can do whatever he wants (rummage through the boxes that litter the house at the moment, viciously attack plants etc.)

Today is do nothing constructive day..... have been watching tv, chatting on the net, trying to create impression that house is clean without doing any cleaning....

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