Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Zoe came round, brought me home made choccy cake (she is a genius!) and we watched tv, she bullied me into cooking my dinner (I am so lazy she literally had to make me or I would have gone without!). We saw Chicken Run.

OK readers time for another census, as I seem to have picked up several random readers who are being very quiet. Hi there. Now say hi back just use my comments or better still my message board (as I love getting message board posts!). Go on I am a comments whore!!

Want to link to some places found randomly.... NellieQ. Thought I found this over at Natalies Place but also seems it has been lurking strangely in my fav folder for a while now.... strange.... 'tis good...

Also want to link to this site: Alternative Sides as it seems to be quite good... and promising..

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