Friday, October 18, 2002

I looked at myself in the mirror today. This is quite rare. I hate my own reflection, almost as much as I hate windows. In fact in the last two years I haven't looked at myself in the mirror beyond cursory glances. Most of my self image is based on photos.

So this morning, I made a conscious effort to look at myself, and to not turn away scared of what prolonged exposier might do.

I saw a very unhappy person looking back at me. Looking tired. But I also noted something. I am not as ugly as I thought. Sure I ain't gonna win any beauty contests, but I am not the hideous, scary freak I had been hiding from. I look normal.

Debt worries seem to hang around me eternally don't they? Note to self: Leanne Woods

Saw Reena at cinema, and then watched Red Dragon with Zoe. 'Twas rather good. And Ralph Fiennes is sex on legs. What do you mean "You shouldn't fancy the serial killer"?

Oh God, I wish Tony wouldn't lock my cats outside when it is so cold.....

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