Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hmm.... a few people in the last few months have suggested my obsession with MT is just a way of avoiding committment. You know fancying someone who is absolutely not available.

This is a false perception (i.e. I fancy him to avoid committment). I came out of a two year relationship in June, and now feel a relationship is not the be all and end all. I completely understand about MT, he is just something nice to look at.

Also if the right man came along, I would JUMP at the chance of a relationship. But most gay men I have meet have had no sense of humour, seem overly concerned with what they and other people look like and what they wear (what the FUCK is that about?), and seem to just want to blend in with everyone else.

I want a man who is quirky, who wants to be themselves in public, who cares more about how they treat others, than being cool, or sophisticated. Stephen at least meet some requirements, although I didn't love him, as he was slightly, shallow. So would people stop worrying about my relationships and obsessions, I have had my MT obsession for 5 years. It is just a crush people! Harmless fun.

Right. Cats. Usually cats seem to keep themselves to themselves. If they need food or attention they will let you know. They lead their own lives, of which we cat owners are just a small part. Scooby is different. He needs constant fuss, attention and correction. He never leaves my side when I am home. He needs to be constantly reminded that the boxes, are NOT for fun, that my feet are NOT food. He is like a dog, and its really odd!! I have never had a cat quite like him.

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