Saturday, October 12, 2002

Work was fine, had to sit through lunch with Sexy Dutch Guy trying to make conversation and me thinking.... hmmm..... your nice to look at but really you are so boring it's best you just sit there and look pretty!! I didn't say that of course and tried to be as polite as reasonable...

Decided my chair was in fact not my chair and went on a thrity minute long hunt for my chair wih Glynis.... until we discovered I had been sitting on my chair all along... any excuse to get out of work!!

God Terry (see first ever buddy!) has really nice nipples... mmmm....

It was John 20th Birthday! yesterday and so we went out to celebrate.... first off Zoe picked me up from work... we headed into town to get him a present (a groovy Plasma Ball) and saw Smiley Laura!! Then met Elliot in Woolworths.

We went home and Zoe cooked us a dinner (mmmm... pizza...)... oh wait saw MT in safeways *swoon*..... and then sje went on a mad cleaning frenzy in kitchen... Please.. I am a bloke... I like mess!!

Then she went off me and Elliot got a taxi to Spoons, met up with John, Zoe (again), Aaron, Rob, and also saw sexy Alex of previous posts (aaahhh feel like cradle snatcher for fancying him!). 'twas fun. Then walked Zoe home.. ordered two taxis... why? Don't know.... Elliot went off (against my advice) to find swings..... taxi arrived... John filled with moral duty to await Elliot... I wasn't (have work in like 6 hours now!!)...... so we left while looking for him....

Got home.. gave John his present.... and Elliot has just wandered in with kebab and many tales of woe... that'll teach him!!

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