Sunday, October 06, 2002

Zoe just came round (bringing choccy cake with her again... she is a little love [am I becoming Penny from BB2?]). We watched My Family... lots of people seem to assume this is a new show... it ain't and I've loved it since it started..... tonights episode was ssssoooo funny!!

Then we saw three to tango..... very good movie (as in entertaining not actually quality!)

Aaaaahhhhh work in 10 hours... should sleep..... bah who needs sleep... I am big scary man rarg after all!

Oh Pete phoned... is doing well... missing lectures... the usual (Mister Naughty Pete!!). Told me of some very scary lifts in Sheffield which I must now see just to verify their existence..... sounds sci-fi like to me......

Had a dream involving me, Pete, Chris and Emmsy (I was scared too Emma!!) in a runaway car!! Bizarre!!

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