Friday, October 11, 2002

Well last night was strange. Let us look at some things of note.

I got drunk. Which has become quite rare.

I knew EVERYONE from the Lesbian Bar Maid at 'Spoons to Colin the taxi driver.

Ben was as usual very quiet. Becky, who goes out with him far more than me, asks me "God Ben's quiet isn't he?". "Errr... no he is always like this." This was when Becky informed me that in fact Ben is pretty...erm... rowdy. Obviously not when I am around.

I was conversely pleased that Ben knew immediately on our first day at work that I was gay. Yet Becky hadn't a clue, and told me I "look straight". Why both things please is something I will have to ponder.

Oh dear I really did make rather firm plans for a month long random jaunt to Europe. Had hoped I was dreaming. Bugger....

God had to try and persuade Becky that Jon Peace is 1) not attractive and 2) a twat. Think I managed it.

Sorry about my language last post. Mister lambert just really is not a subject I should discuss.

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