Sunday, October 20, 2002

Why am I sssssooooo angry?

This story just made me sssssooo angry. I mean really too angry for words. I want to go out to this backward nation, and kill each and every homophobe there. And when I say kill I mean slowly, painfully drain their lives away, until they beg for me to stop, and then put a bullet through their head. Sorry but that is how I feel. I am pleased that this boy was granted asylum here, and I hope that if similar cases occur the same courtesy will be extended to others. It's not the first time this has made me irritated, I remember listening to a documentary by Rikki Beadle-Blair and crying at the end. And read down to the bottom of this to see my heroes (that's Peter Tatchell to you) protest against the nomination of TOK, a horrendously homophobic Jamaican band.

Oh and while watching Heaven and Earth I became so angry that I had to read this to stop me going on a murderous rampage to nearest CofE congregation.

Speaking of which..... hmmm.... for weeks I have been annoyed by the church goers at All Souls CofE church parking their cars on the yellow lines while they go and worship despite a car park being a mere two minutes walk away (and that is if they crawl). But today I became so annoyed I may write a letter of complaint to the priest or whatever they call him. The illegally parked cars were all along the road, causing a girl of 7 to have to brave the road without having clear view of traffic. She walked out straight in front of a car. Only because a man dragged her out of the way, and it was a competent driver in the aforementioned death machine, that she wasn't killed.

I would of thought Christians would of been more careful about keeping to the law (oh wait, no I wouldn't). I am off to write a few letters I think.

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