Tuesday, October 22, 2002

OK so sniper strikes again. Horrible. What can you say? I mean more people have died in "normal" murders in the same area in the period this has been occuring. Are their murders any less scary/disgusting/upsetting? What's your thoughts on this media circus?

Fireman strike soon. Joy. So they want a 40% increase in pay. Fine, they work hard. So they want to ruin Guy Fawkes Celebrations by striking from 2nd November to 4th November. Fine, they deserve that pay rise (can I have one too?). But they will also put people's lives at risk. And people WILL die because of their actions. Not might. WILL. People who probably support the pay rise for the firefighters WILL die. And all so the firemen can get a 40% pay rise, which we all agree they deserve, well we will until people die I hope, in which case we deduct 40% and give the combined total to the victims families.

No doubt the more lives lost the quicker they get the rise. Lucky them. My thoughts remain with the soon-to-be victims of this bloody ransom.

Hmmm.... stressed out. Can I have a back massage, a pint of Stella and MT naked, and also gay. Thanks for your co-operation.

I have a message for the random GOogle.com (yes people their browser recognises google after just two letters now) searcher who comes here looking for SKUBA. Stop right there mister/missy and tell me who you are please. I don't bite or nothing.... unless you are a gorgeous man who wishes me to. I really wanna know who you are!!

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