Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I am so glad that I did not go to work yesterday! ET was closed the whole day, the train crews had to help out at the call centre as things went BALLISTIC. I successfully missed it!

Today at work I must of taken 300 calls... all asking "Is it open now?".....

I have a picture to show you....

I am the one in the middle (no really I hear my mates say). Stephen is the one on the right. Don't ask me who the other one is. This pic is from a whole different Jay's life, I barely remember it. 'Twas my "I only hang out with gay people phase" when I was just 16.

Blogger still banned over on JKay8839. Hmmmmm... (aaahhh did it again, stop using that noise!!). Am definetly thinking about Gert's advice about getting a second job. If I do get a permanent job, I will know my hours ages in advance so a bar job wouldn't be out of the question.

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