Monday, April 01, 2002

Jason is a Greek Goddess Scandal

I forgot to wish everyone a happy easter. :o( Sorry. Hope you had a good time (is you celebrate easter that is if you don't I hope you still ate a lot of chocolate just like me!!)

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Now why did I take that test? Ah all the nice northerners left yesterday. Leaving just the grouchy ones.......

*News* I finally have the new manager who has been promised for months (I return to being just plain old receptionist Yippee). Steve arrived and moved into room 4 yesterday. He seems far less insane than the rest of us.

And finally I've just returned to ICQ (under same old name and number [thank you mister alan for reminding me to do this]) My old ICQ number (if any one has forgotten):123578373

And in other news I am now an MSN person as well: my username is (note the subtle difference it is my old, old AOL account from before time was time)

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