Sunday, April 07, 2002

Things Of Note

I have changed this blogs name. It's now named after the title of one of my all time favourite songs.

Things to be happy about: I meet someone who recognised me from Brighton University (she is from Block 26). That was nice. I’m going to France on Tuesday with Chris, Zoe, and Elliot which I know will be fun. The Hardc0re 3 went out together last night for the first time in ages.

Things to be glum about: 8 people (most middle aged men) ganged up against me last night and stole my money (all two pound of it) as I neared my house. I thought I could take the original 4 but 8!! I’m not that daft!! Left me feeling very depressed. I hate living at home. I feel like I’m in hell when I’m there. I didn’t even go home from work last night instead I sought refuge at Pete’s house. I can’t face my family, I feel so unhappy.

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