Monday, April 15, 2002

Hail the Conquering Hero

Yesterday I returned triumphant to my own room which has for too long been my little sisters. It may only be slightly bigger than a broom cupboard but its mine and that’s what matters!!! My own TV, my own freedom, and it might even be possible to leave my Gay Times (equated with Satan by my parents) lying around sometimes. (Discovered last night as I walked home that my room is lit by a red light which illuminates my window in suspect shade of pink!!

I went out to Gee’s last night with the Hardc0re 3 (we’re back!!) and Elliot. It was an alright night out where I was mocked mercilessly for finding Will Temple attractive and Elliot fell asleep at the table (new nickname from Vicky, the Gee’s Barmaid, “Sleeping Beauty”)!! Elliot stayed over my house. And that’s about it.

Wait a minute and Bish is back!! All the problems have been sorted!! Plus the Wedding is this week. Prepare for stressed out Jay.

And don’t leave silly smileys in my comments it messes up the Java.

Jason's Silly List 2

Top Ten Favorite Songs

1. Whats up? – 4 Non Blondes
2. White Wedding – Billy Idol (Per tu, Melly)
3. Come Back To What You Know – Embrace
4. Vienna - Ultravox
5. Disposable Teens – Marilyn Manson
6. Maybe an Angel – Heather Nova
7. We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore – Twisted Sister
8. Mulder and Scully – Catatonia
9. Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush
10. Head Over Feet – Alanis

“What?!”, you say, “Where is Madonna and Steps?” I may love them dearly but do their songs hold any emotional resonance with me; no none. Madonna’s Holiday is however my earliest memory of music and “Stomp” by Steps is mine and Stephen’s song.

All these songs have a lot of meaning to me. I love music and often find songs which sum up periods of my life. Some of these songs can literally reduce me to tears. Others will get me singing loudly (well if you can call the noises I make “singing”) to the annoyance of anyone nearby!!

And if you think I am going to give you links to all these you must think I don’t have work to be doing (well I don’t, this is after all the hotel, but I am just too god damn lazy!!)

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