Wednesday, April 03, 2002

The Adventures of the Cinema Monkey's

I went to see Blade II at the cinema yesterday night with Sam, his alternate personalities, Pete, Zoe and Chris (who doubles up as the Scottish narrator of Big Brother). Thus the car was crammed. Within less than three minutes of arrival Pete decide to call everything a monkey “We’re not your Seat Monkey’s, Chris” he exclaimed. “What do you think I am? A Food Monkey!” he shouted. And some people have the audacity to call ME mad.

Right Blade II is so bad it rates up there along with AI and The Hole as some of the worst movies of all time. No characters, no acting and some how even the fight scenes become boring within two minutes. Plus there are even plot holes when there isn’t even a plot. The director truly surpassed himself!!

People are beginning to make me see that its time to officially dump Stephen. I have been going out with him since September 26th 2000. My longest relationship to date. I need to head up to Scuba (the new gay club that opened on Friday two doors up from work) and get myself some new gay friends. Maybe even return to random pick ups (the last British one of those was in early 2000) like I used to do before I got myself a ball and chain. Have to start on Mister Alan’s Wobble Experiment and get myself looking all slim and fabtastic.

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