Sunday, April 07, 2002

I Have a Cunning Plan, Baldric.....

Anyone out there remember my blog when it had a Blog Back comments feature? Well you will be pleased to know I have found an alternative!!! See bottom of the post. My message board is thus soon to close. (sob).

It’s time for me to cheer up, and get over myself, isn’t it? I need a plan. Something to work towards.

But what? Whatever it is, I’m going to need money. I’ll need to save. But more importantly I need a pay rise or to get a better job. Priority Number 1.

I also need my own space. Living with my family simply isn’t an option after my brief taste of freedom in Brighton. So my next priority should be to get my own place, or at least a flat share. Priority Number 2.

But what then? Priority Number 3, in my mind, is to learn a foreign language. To do so would broaden my horizons, both at home and abroad. French is the best option, maybe with hopes of moving there to France (having “le manche” between me and Britain would feel very reassuring)

That kind of solves Priority Number 4. This is to move to France. I already know how to do this, what documents I need, plus who I need to see when I am there (like having to inform the police within 3 days of arrival). Why I have this kind of information stored in my head is beyond me.

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