Friday, April 19, 2002

Fresh Blood

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Just under two months until I am 19.

On Wednesday I went to Gee’s and Sonia the barmaid hearing of my annoyance with my work gave me the number for the Hotel Burstin’s Front of House Manager. They are looking for a receptionist, and I had arranged for an interview today. The Hotel Burstin is a huge 900-room hotel that is shaped like a ship and stands watch over the Harbour. I have decided not to go as I really busy in the hotel today. I’m also thinking of applying for a job at Safeway’s (a large British supermarket chain) Garage as Safeway’s pay way more than a hotel would!!

I told Bish I was thinking of getting another job. He is not happy!! He said “Other people no good for Bish. They no understand me. You good, you help me.” Nice to know someone round here appreciates me!!

I went out last night to the Leas Club/Wetherspoons with Pete, Claire, Chris and, fresh blood here, Sarah. Sarah is really funny!! She is so dirty its brilliant!! But Chris failed to tell her I am gay which led to some very awkward moments until I realised she didn’t know!! “Oh that explains it then!” she remarked. Thanks very much!! :o(

I also unfortunately become involved in a discussion on Adam’s sexuality, which went a little bit beyond my control. Lets just say Claire, his ex, is not exactly convinced when I say, “He isn’t gay.” She refuses to believe me.

Ended up at Claire’s house in a dark bedroom, ‘twas strange. I left about one in the morning and after making a fuss of a couple of hedgehogs who were looking very cute outside, I got a taxi. When said taxi dropped me at my house I realised I didn’t know where my money was (hence a dawn raid on my mums purse ensured!!). Found my £20 in my “safe” pocket where I put things to avoid losing money if mugged (I am Mr. Paranoid sometimes, I even get scared of little old ladies!!).

I don’t want the world to see me
Cos I Don’t think they would understand
When everythings made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Goo Goo Dolls “This”

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