Sunday, March 31, 2002

May the Gods Bless You, Your Majesty

So yesterday at 15.15 her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother passed away peacefully in sleep. It didn’t make me very upset exactly, but I did experience first shock, then a kind of respectful sorrow. Anyone who lives to that age deserves everybodies respect.

I won’t dwell on it. That would be disrespectful and macarbe.

Right busy day yesterday and this morning. I went over to Zoe’s house and after much jumping up and down in Blockbusters (I’m like a big kid in a candystore when I go there) we agreed (mainly to keep me happy) to get Dogma. Brilliant movie (I’ve seen it SSSSSSSOOOOO many times). Alanis as God? A masterstroke.

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