Friday, April 05, 2002

Skuba Diva

I went out again last night. Me and Pete meet up around seven at the same place as yesterday and walked into Folkestone to go to Skuba. On the way we got some chips at Hedgehogs. I ate them all. This whole wobble experiment hasn’t really caught on.

As we neared Skuba, we decided a detour to sing to Matt was in order. As you can imagine we were surprised to find him, his mum and Maria, who is his friend, fighting with a jeep (a proper army one and everything. His mum is so cool). I stopped to gawp while Peter tried to help but only managed to convince all three of them he was gay. Poor Pete he has to put up with this a lot. I don’t think he is gay (and I have gaydar).

We got to Skuba. Our mission? To find out the name of the gay barman (who it would seem has a bit of a thing for Pete). Pete seamlessly managed to ask after we offered to send a message from him to his mates at Gee’s. For the record it’s Lee.

Our numbers boosted by Sam and Chris (who adamantly refused to come in, you big girls blouse you) we headed for Gee’s. Tom Quaye a former classmate of mine was guitarist and lead singer of the band. Andrew wasn’t there, he was replaced by a new new barmaid called Sue who seems to think I’m northern!! Oh by the way the “new” barmaids name is Sonia.

Tom Quaye’s band was just too bad to even consider being called musical. Imagine a cat being twirled around by its tail, screaming as it goes. Tom Quaye was worse. I was part of a small resistance movement at the back of the bar who shouted for them to get off every song break. Meanwhile Sara (Lee the barmans friend) was teaching Pete how to whistle very loudly, while Vicky the barmaid looked on disapprovingly.

Today Blogger is playing me up. I’m am getting a new domain soon. And people have started to visit from Bloghop after I became the second best blog. And they are not liking it!! Oh well this is just a place for me to ramble on. It isn’t too serious!!

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