Monday, April 22, 2002

To Be or Not to Be

I decided not to blog yesterday as I was in a rather nasty mood and didn’t want to talk about it. Instead I played the Sims. My first two families meet with disaster (one unfortunate couple were killed in two separate fires, while the others have no money nor food) my third family were Matt and Mark. They have already fallen in love and both have jobs, their house is really getting to be nice. My fourth family (who moved into to replace the deceased couple) are thriving. Felicity is lazy and doesn’t want a job. Her housemate, Stephanie, is tidy and has a medical internship. They hate each other. But the house is gorgeous!!

Bish and Alison walked out yesterday. Bish handed in his keys. Steve is about to be fired (he doesn’t know yet). Tank (a bar regular) and his wife have been employed (yeah really the image you want to have in your hotel!!). I may be fired next everything from insurance to who supplies the beer is done on whim. They will have an overly qualified cleaner one minute and an under qualified barman (sorry Clive but bar work isn’t your strong point) the next.

Anyone who has anything to do with this business other than me… well I am going to point and laugh at you right now… (points and laughs). You FOOLs.

I have decided that my six month self imposed ban on seeking out “gay” friends (as opposed to allowing friendships to develop through fate) is over. I’ve felt so isolated since Saturday. So let the games begin!!

Le Pen is (snigger) in the running for the French presidency. Is it too late for me to withdraw my Francophile opinions of late?

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