Thursday, April 25, 2002

This is how the cookie crumbles*

So I stormed up to Faulty Towers in the hope that I would get my money. I was fobbed off again. So I went to Skuba, had a drink (this is at 10 in the morning) laughed at Zoe, Chris, Laura, Sam, and Elliot who are now the laughing stock of everyone for running away on Saturday.

As I wandered home I met Jacqui who told me to go to the hotel as the bastards were running away for France today!!

Rushed back to find Tank in charge of bar, I shouted at him and told him to fuck off out of MY hotel. Dealt with the prospective new owners who might give me a job. I phoned Dr. Gaur and was immediately made temporary manager until his daughter arived. She, Roberto and Jacqui arrived within the hour. The bastards will be coming to collect the rest of their stuff tonight. Everyone (Mr. Singh, the Gaurs, the prospective owners, Jelena, me, Jacqui, Roberto, Besh and the police(!)) will be waiting for them. And if that doesn't work I have got their address in France plus their phone number. Do you know I really fancy a booze cruise now you come to mention it.....

* please note no cookies were hurt in posting this blog.

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