Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Jason's European Grand Tour - Fun Size!!

I am back! So I went to France yesterday, and as I thought having the Channel between me and Britain made me feel far better. It really stops me worrying when I am away. We got to France and we had to catch a bus to Cite Europe (a large shopping area mainly for British day trippers). I informed everyone how to catch a bus (a confident wave when it approaches). We waited at the 11th Novembre stop (what happened on the 11th November any one?) and the bus approached. And drove past us!! We hadn’t done the confident wave thing. We did catch a bus in the end and the rest of the day was lovely, albeit with John constantly complaining about my French (NOTE: I did Italian not French at school maybe that’s why I am no good at the language, huh John?!!).

French men. What can I say?! They seem to have the art of being cool pretty much sorted. Another reason I hate this country, 90% of the men are nasty, mean spirited and unromantic (example the load obnoxious northerners on the boat back). When will they learn!!

We got back to Britain (sob) and gained a Pete. So we went to the cinema to see A Beautiful Mind. It was neither good nor bad (the worst kind of movie!!). It certainly wasn’t a cheerful movie.

I am very depressed right now. My pay cheque bounced again. This leaves me with no money. Why am I always messed about like this? Then my mum tells me I need to get another job after forcing me to get this one or I had to leave home (again). I really need my counselling to begin. I am still on the waiting list. I must of been a real bastard in a past life.

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