Thursday, April 11, 2002

Camp High Noon

The battle lines are drawn. Today I have a meeting to discuss the state of my wages with Steve, Mr. Lambert and Josie. I am not a happy lapin (French for bunny :o) ). If I can get my money sorted I will be a hell of a lot happier.

Last night was great. It really helped cheer me up and relax. And seeing Jon (not John as in my mate just to clarify!!) was nice, unlike me he is still in the closet, it gave me a sense of my achievement. I not only came out, but I flourished. Poor Jon still exists in his own little fantasy world, where there is little hope or joy. In my case my sexuality seems to be the only thing that gives me happiness at the moment!!

In other news someone left a very homophobic comment (now deleted) in my comments system. This is intolerable. Said person (a right wing Christian Fundamentalist) also attempted to send me a simple virus in my email. I am not an idiot, I never open emails with file attachments or pictures even if I know who is sending them!! I now have his email address, and I have reported him to his ISP (AOL). Was this the right thing to do?

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