Thursday, April 18, 2002

Just Another Day

”Love is a search for oneself, a craving to really get in contact with me and you, sharing bodies, sharing thoughts, encountering one another with nothing held back, making confessions and being forgiven, understanding, confirming and supporting what was and what is, longing for a home and trust to counteract the doubts and anxieties modern life generates. If nothing seems certain or safe, if even breathing is risky in a polluted world, then people chase after the misleading dreams of love until they suddenly turn to nightmares…”

Beck, Ulrich and Elizabeth Beck-Gernsheim 1995: The Normal Chaos of Love (Cambridge Polity) P.175-6

The Wedding Party arrives at the hotel tomorrow…

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Appropriate for a mad Cat Person don’t you think?

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Jason's Silly List 3 - Ten Countries I'd Like To Visit.

Continuing my occasional series…

1. Canada (killer whales, grizzly bears, wolves and that’s just my Canadian relatives!! :o) )
2. Pitcairn Island (Descendants of the H.M.S. Bounty!!)
3. India (Mr. Singh kind of sold it to me before he left the hotel)
4. Mexico (road movies, look how you’ve influenced me!!)
5. South Africa (no not so I can launch a one man invasion of Zimbabwe, then again…)
6. Australia (Muriel’s Wedding!! And I’ve heard you can’t find nicer people anywhere else)
7. Thailand (hello!! It’s Thailand!!)
8. Brazil (Not just for the Latinos either ;o) )
9. U.S. (reluctantly but as a fan of road movies how could I not want to go here!!)
10. Trishan de Cunha (if that is how you spell it, the place that is furthest from… anywhere!!)

Kill me if I use !! again!! Oh no!! I did it again!!

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