Wednesday, April 10, 2002

In Need Of A Cuddle

I understand that some of my readers will not like this especially as I am in a long term relationship. But I have arranged sex tonight with a man I used to regularly go with. I am so very unhappy and I feel like I need someone, something to cheer me up for a little while. And before you say oh poor Stephen, may I say he has "cheated" on me 50 times during our relationship. This would be my second (one time in France when I was at my lowest point in years). I feel the lowest I have felt since I came back from my last run away attempt. I want to run away again. I won't, I know people will judge me badly if I do. But I want to, so I really need to find something to make me smile. Anything.

In unrelated news Lee from Skuba just phoned up for Mr. Lambert, no doubt its trouble, probably involving me. There is always something

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