Thursday, April 25, 2002

Is it his hair? Is it his eyes? No it's Superman!

I went to Dover with Laura yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I had feared. But stil its Dover. And I joined yet another charity (Amnesty International). I really must stop doing that. Bought The Beach video and Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson (where my original copy went is beyond me although I suspect it is in a bookstore in Rome thats where all my books are).

Smallville was on Channel Four last night. I have definetly started to develop a very healthy interest in Tom Selling (AKA Clark Kent). That hairstyle really is irresistable.

I went to Faulty Towers lasrt night to collect my money as promised to me by Steve on Monday. They tried to offer me a check. Did they think I would be even more foolish and accept it?! I turned them down and they told me to come back today.

Jacqui phoned me up last night to wish me well and I can now give you, for the first time, the complete low down on the collapse of the hotel. Firstly Jacqui and Roberto have moved in and are basically holding Mr. Lambert hostage until he pays them their money. They have informed Dr. Gaur of the situation and he says he has a little surprise in store for them!! Mr. Lambert and Josie said they would stay until the drinks ran out. After which they promptly sold all the drink to Skuba (which officially broke of relations with the hotel on Monday). They are planning on running away to France on Saturday. So how much of my £632 I will ever see is questionable.

I have got like a hundred applicaton forms for jobs ranging from Safeways Petrol staton all the way to ABC Holidays up in Smeeth (a small insignificant village near Ashford)

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