Friday, April 12, 2002

Not So Bad Hair Day

Mum and Tony argued today. They haven’t done that properly in a while. Tony as always tried to defuse the situation by making it into a joke, which only annoys my mum more. He has known her for 10 years and still he doesn’t know her.

Well when I was young and mum would argue with her lover I used to blame myself (don’t ask me why I just did) so when mum and Tony argue I immediately take up my big brother responsibilities and make sure my brother and sister are okay and I spend hours trying to amuse them. But they are far stronger than I ever was and spend much of the time trying to be nosey and find out what the argument is about. They are never upset by the arguments.

I had such bad hair this morning. Imagine Einstein without the brains. But mum came to the rescue and turned downright messy into downright stylish messy. After sorting out my money yesterday I am far happier.

My comments feature is now working fine again (some people must of donated to the poor man who created it). So use it. If the comments feature goes down again I’ll have to resurrect my message board which is not something I want to do (I hate pop ups!!).

Do you think its possible to become addicted to blog reading? I seem to be a regular at like 10 and I feel disappointed if even one of them hasn’t updated. I really need to wean myself off of some of them. Check out my links to see who I’m reading.

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