Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Grrrr.... Jason's Never Ending Rants

I was watching 4x4 on BBC1 last night and it really annoyed me (what doesn't?!). It was about runaways and missing children in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of Milly Dowling. Throughout they consistently referred to runaways like this:- "the runaways who put their families through hell."

Talk about blaming the victim. Its like calling a rape victim "the rape victims who give their attackers pleasure." Its disgusting. It appears that it never crossed the minds of the producers that a person who runs away for more than 72 hours is usually suffering terrible mental anguish.

Right have you ever been looking at porn and thought "Gosh aren't those curtains awful, they really clash with that rug". Well neither have I!! But someone has and have devoted a whole site to it bringing in various experts to judge the interiors. Go here and check out "Obscene Interiors". Don't worry all the pictures have been blacked out.

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