Friday, April 26, 2002

A Silver Lining

OK so I am not going to Brighton tonight after all. "Why?" I hear you cry. Well I am going to what is being described as the first meeting of "The Make Mr. Lamberts Life Hell Club". We refuse to allow the bastard (who continued lying until the very end it would seem, as he tried to convince Jelena he wasn't running away yesterday) from getting away with his crimes. I am still owed £632, Besh and Jacqui are owed similar amounts, Mr. Creighton and his wife Jackie were nearly ripped off for £11,000 before I gave them a courtesy phone call. Doctor Gaur has lost at least £20,000.

We know every address he has (including the East African home of Josie's mum). My granddad has already got the mayor of the French town, in which Peter has a house, to refuse him planning permission for a new barn. We shall be paying visits to his Sandgate home tonight.

Mr. Creighton says that if he does get a lease for the hotel I will get a chance of first refusal (its a good thing I assure you!!) for any job I want. He even said he was tempted to give me money yesterday as he saw how angry and hurt I was. We are going out next weekend to discuss how to go forward.

So Mr. Lambert your days are numbered. We know where you live. (22 Riveira Court, Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent) My part in this campaign is to use my granddads money to investigate Mr. Lamberts past business dealings and publish them here. I have a vendetta. I will succeed.

I've also added a couple of new links check them out.

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