Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Bonjour mon petit fleur

So I must get used to life as an unemployed person. Really not hard as do nothing really suits me!!

So after doing very little all day yesterday, me, Elliot and Pete walked into town and met up with Laura and Sarah. Our plan was to see Scorpion King (I really like that movie [and not just for The Rock's arms thank you very much!!]). But we ended up seeing Queen of the Damned. Which I liked (and not just because Marius and Lestat are the two gayest vampires ever [well since Brad Pitt]). We saw Aaron, Robin, Annie and Jo while we were there.

After that we headed off down Gee's where we meet Chris a pleasant evening was had by all and we went home happy.

I'm going to Dover today. I have taken my shots don't worry. Wish me luck. :o\

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