Thursday, April 04, 2002

Jason Goes Skuba Diving

Yesterday was just the nicest day so far this year the sun was shiningm the birds were singing. Yippee British spring is here!!

So me and Laura planned a night out yesterday and I persuaded Elliot, Peter, and Sam to join us down at Gee’s. I meet Pete on Cheriton High Street, but before we could finish saying hello we spotted an ice cream van (which smelt of sewage may I add).. Not one to get over excited I camply screamed “ice cream” and ran right in front of oncoming traffic….. Pete was kind enough to by me a double 99 with strawberry sauce. Maybe I’ll start my attempt at Mr. Alan’s Wobble Experiment today. Pete proceeded to scare children and elderly people alike by waving at them. You would be surprised how scary some people find that.

We got to Gee’s just before eight, got our selves a drink with Elliot and annoyed the “new” barmaid (she has been there for months but we still don’t know her name). Well Pete and Elliot annoyed her by asking for stupidly complex cocktails. Laura declined to come out as Kim might make an appearance (Laura then began telling me that I didn’t like her. Do all girls tell men how the men are supposed to feel?). She did although very briefly as me, Pete and Sam decided to go seranade Matt at his window (we decided Moulin Rouge songs would work best).

We then headed for Skuba the new gay bar in Folkestone (NO Pete and Sam are not gay!). It was great, they have plastic encased barbed wire toilet seats and an aquarium behind the bar. This may not sound exciting but in Folkestone this is a milestone!!

Having sorted things out with Laura I headed home happy, knowing Skuba is soon to become my favourite bar………

I have decided to turn down the offer of appearing on Kilroy....... way too much fake sun tan involved.

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