Sunday, April 14, 2002

For the Cause

Ok I think everyone should be let in on my little secret. I’m a Zapatista. Scary huh? Well I have felt I was a Zapatista until I saw Pim Fortuyn. Leader of a right wing Dutch party, he is charisma incarnate. He is also gay, he isn’t racist and he hates Fundamentalism. And he has made me question my politics.

I have always felt that my homosexuality means I must support the left wing cause on so many issues. Anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-hate are all things I have passionately believed in (and fought for, note my contribution in both Palestinian and Kashmiri protests in January). But this man, he fights for acceptance of his sexuality, he fights against Fundamentalism (my pet hate). He corners homophobes and subtley gets them to admit their hatred on camera, then runs circles around them. He wants to stop immigration by creating situations in peoples own countries so they need not be forced to leave. How can I disagree with him?

Its not that I’m suddenly going right wing. But for once a right wing politician has made me question my beliefs. This has never happened before. I feel my political belief system is taking a large turn towards the centre ground. If only our Conservatives could be as enlightened as Pim Fortuyn (::guffaws:: as if they could!!)

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